Isabel Albelda Ros

Practical Personal Branding Advocate - T&T Project Manager at IBM

Personal Branding is...

“the most effective way to clarify and communicate what makes you different, special, and valuable to employers and customers –and use those qualities to guide your career”

Personal branding is the most effective strategy you can use to achieve professional success and fulfillment.

On this page:

Here you will find personal branding resources, including the presentation I used in my lecture, exercises and best practices.


I will be adding more personal branding exercises and materials to this site.

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... my very own book on Personal Branding for Career Advancement. I'm trying to finish this highly practical book/guide/roadmap to achieving success in the workplace in time to win NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month - if you've ever thought "one day, I'd like to write a book" head over to their website. Trust me, it'll be worth it).

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Personal Branding Exercises

These exercises will help you build your brand and take charge of your career. 


Vision and Purpose





 SWOT Analysis

 Target Audience

 Competitive Analysis


 Unique Promise of Value

 Short Bio(s)

 Comprehensive CV

Achievement Log

 Action Plan


 Exercises not available


Personal Branding: a winning job-search strategy

Cartel Evento

On 11 December 2014 I gave my first lecture on Personal Branding as a job-search (and career) strategy, at the University of La Rioja. It was an enriching experience I look forward to repeating. 

You can watch part of my lecture here (Spanish with English subtitles), and you can now download the English version of the presentation I used in the lecture or read it below to obtain a global vision of personal branding as a basic element of the job-search. 


 Note: This version of the presentation does not include all the slides, some of which have been removed to protect the privacy of the real-life examples and cases used during the lecture.


Careers Academy: Building Your Personal Brand

I fully believe Personal Branding is the most effective strategy you can use to achieve professional success and fulfillment.
At IBM Careers Academy 2020 I was able to share what personal branding is with over 90 young professionals, teaching them how to identify, develop and communicate their personal brands, and helping them do this through practical exercises.


CV Best Practices for recent Grads

You can also download my CV Best Practices for recent graduates, with tips and advice on CV writing to help you on your path to success.